Beni Holley

I happily live in the beautiful mountains of southern West Virginia with my musician husband and our silly Doberman, our adorable little toy​ Poodle, several bee hives and a flock of egg laying hens.  We are blessed with our own little plot of land where the creek runs through and the wildlife have taken up residence. Life is good. 


I have always had an immense and sincere love for the Arts and Animals.  I love visual arts... I love music!
Music has been present most of my life. Though I have never mastered  playing an instrument, the violin led me to the opportunity to become involved in  the business side of the music world giving me the 
opportunity to work with, manage, and tour the United States with some amazingly talented, professional musicians.  I have had the privilege to work with hundreds of presenters, venues, and music industry professionals all across the country. 

Animals play a very strong role in my life.  I am a lover of all but in particular have always had a special love and connection with dogs from early childhood.  As most animal lovers, I had a desire to make animals a career in some way and was fortunate to become a professional dog groomer for over 32 years. Striving to always give my best I was one of the first 700 dog groomers in the United States to earn the title of 'Certified Master Groomer'.

It was only natural that I would blend that love of animals with with my passion of art. I started photographing pets (and their people) many years ago and still enjoy it today.

I have always been a creative and and recognized that I had art ability, but a few years ago discovered that I have been blessed with a gift of painting. I enjoy trying different subjects and experimenting but my true joy comes from painting animals, dogs and cats in particular.  I get so much enjoyment and satisfaction from  capturing a pet's personality and character on canvas.  It truly brings me joy to create something that can make someone happy.... and I will be honest.... if it by chance brings a happy tear, even better, I know I have done my job well!



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