Imagination -Chloe Florence
Festivall-Charleston, WV)
3 min. montage -
Birds and Bees -Chloe Florence (WV State Fair)
American Honey-Cover, (Festivall Charleston)
Thinking Out Loud -cover (WV State Fair)
Invade My Heart -Chloe Florence
Love Sick Blues - cover

Chloe Florence


A vibrant, young vocalist, Chloe Florence performs a blend of folk, country, modern and original music. She enjoys writing songs and accompanying herself on keyboard and mandolin. With a voice that is mature beyond her years, her music moves and inspires. Listeners are amazed by her powerful execution and depth of feeling. While choosing always to present music that is compelling and relevant, Chloe easily navigates a wide range of stylistic approaches.  This energetic singer puts on a show that can be at times reverent, tender and playful, or full-on fierce. 


Chloe’s interest in music began very early. It was not much of a surprise when she became determined to create her own song before she had even learned to read. She has continued to express herself through writing in the form of songs, stories, poems and plays.  Born and raised in southern West Virginia, this home educated teen's love of music is central to her daily life. She studies voice, piano, violin, and dance and often uses her free time at home to practice new material with her family. Chloe and her brother and sister express their faith through song at their home church, harmonizing as a trio. She has been a part of several collaborations with the youth including Christmas cantatas and leading worship for Vacation Bible School and adding vocals, piano and violin to an all teen praise band. 

After her introduction to the stage at 11, Chloe quickly became a natural at sharing her remarkable talent.


For the last 4 years Chloe has been featured in and around southern WV and VA in numerous celebrations, fairs, festivals, private, and corporate events that include, to name a few,  Tamarack's 20th Anniversary gala, Charleston's FestivALL and the West Virginia State Fair.

"As the crowd began to listen, we all realized this young lady was something special.  Look out world, here comes Chloe!"
City of Beckley Councilman, Tom Sopher


"Chloe you are fabulous!"
Jerry Rose, Beckley Dance Theatre


"She was captivating!"
- Rebecca Beckett, 110 Marshall

"Chloe Florence is a musical force!"

- Dana S

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